Moving to a whole new country or state to study can be ridiculously hard! Not only have you left your family, friends and everything you’ve ever known behind, you now have to juggle finding a place to live, getting a job and adjusting to a new city all on top of your law readings.

We understand the stress and isolation you may feel being away from your support network and having to make new friends. So here you’ll find tips and tricks on the best places to visit in Melbourne,  how to use your international status to your advantage and how to find a job.

Places & Faces to check out in Melbourne


“… Spend a day soaking up the culture or just venture into a new suburb (trust me, most of them are much more fun than clayton). Even if you are a local, why not pretend to be a tourist and enjoy things from a different perspective. Melbourne is constantly ranked as one of the most livable cities and it is not hard to see why. There is always something to do!”

Keys to Success: Tips & Advice for International Students 


“… Do you ever feel disheartened whenever you hear people talk about their internship or job at a law firm? … Although international students may be disadvantaged by the limited working hours and firms that do hire international law students, you do offer unique insights such as intercultural competence, an international education and eclectic experiences that sets you apart from local applicants. Understanding what makes you stand out and highlighting these skills is a key way to get your foot through the door …”

What doing Law means for an International Student


“… After you began studying law you will find it’s entirely different from any other disciplines, the amount of reading and studying is no joke, perhaps if you have studied Arts or Humanities you will find it an easier transition, but for me as a business student and an international, it’s extremely hard …”

Under the Pressure: A Personal Account of Struggling and Surviving 


“… In law school, it is inevitable that we compare ourselves to people around us, regardless of whether we know them personally or not. We put people on pedestals without seeing  behind their mask into their struggles or failures. In fact, some of the most accomplished people I’ve known are only where they are at because they’ve experienced numerous setbacks and learnt how to deal with them …”

Out of the Frying Pan: a short guide for international students

“… Law school is a struggle, but facing the world as a new law graduate can be even more daunting. We put together a short guide to shine light on the uncertain territory lying ahead...”