Ever needed to figure out how to get an extension on your law assignments or how to defer your exams? Emergencies and mental health struggles can often happen at the worst times and Chief Examiners have a knack for scheduling all the assignments at the same time. Don’t worry, we got you. Here you’ll find resources and advice on how to successfully apply for an extension or how to get help from the Uni.

A Guide to Obtaining Special Consideration and Extensions 


“… This page will provide a guide to the Monash ‘Special Consideration’ and Extension process, and some advice from some seasoned students who have gone through it multiple times …”

Sexual Violence on Campus: Info & Resources 


“… If you have experienced any kind sexual violence, you can feel safe in reporting and talking about it … On behalf of all of us behind the Reasonable Standard project, we wish you the best and ask you to please seek help if you need it. There will always be people to listen and support you so never be afraid to reach out …”