We would love to hear your unique stories and experiences about your time at law school. Our aim is to be open about the doubts and trials we often encounter, and to help others feel less alone by telling our most vulnerable and honest stories.

A Reasonable Standard is for law students by law students. As such, we look for content specifically tailored for this audience.

How this will work:

1. Pitch us your story idea! We’d love to get a brief idea of what you’d like to write about and how it’ll help your peers.
2. Once we receive your pitch, we’ll notify you within a week whether it’s a good fit for us, and you can start writing!
3. Once your piece is ready to go, we’ll send you a link for your your approval beforehand, and then schedule a day to publish it!

Things to note:

  • All stories have to be real and preferably a first person perspective about an issue/struggle/ experience you’ve faced during your time at Uni or while working in the legal profession
  • Make it relatable – not academic essays or overly formal guides
  • Try to provide your thoughts or advice that can help and encourage others going through their own difficult seasons
  • Don’t be afraid of your content not being good enough. If it’s honest and thoughtful, we would love to feature it.

Interested in writing for us?

Submit your story ideas here or fill out the form below!