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A Reasonable Standard is a platform that publishes honest and transparent stories from law students about the mental health issues they face at University. We aim to provide an unfiltered perspective into the lives of our peers, and ultimately break the stigma around mental illness. We also connect students to the right support services & resources they need to help them take actionable steps forward.

Our Story

Fed up with the stifling culture of law school and stigma around asking for help, a group of law students banded together to create a space where we could be honest about our struggles while at University. In sharing the vulnerable and truthful stories from our peers, we hope you’ll know that you’re not alone in the trials you face and that there are people who will stand by you in your struggles and triumphs.


The Team



Hi, I’m Ashley and I’m in my 5th year of Arts and Law. After struggling to find my feet at Uni, and sliding in and out of depression along the way, I realised heaps of people in the law faculty were also struggling with the same heaviness I did. I believe that only by being honest about the struggles we’re facing, will we be able to support and help each other out of the darkness. When I’m not napping, you can find me taking up space at a café or binge-watching stand up comedies on Netflix. You can find me writing under the Mental Health tab.



I am a fourth year Law/Arts student with a major in Human Rights. Mental illness has affected most of my good friends and family. I undertook this project because I was fed up with the stigma and secrecy that surrounds this topic, especially for law students. We’re not superheroes, we can’t study full-time, pull in a part-time job, obtain legal experience, have a social life and look after ourselves; it’s not possible. Nothing should be more important than your own mental and physical well-being, so take the time to look after yourself. I am the designer of the website and you can also find me writing under the Mental Health and Resources tab.



Hi, I’m Claudia and I am a 2nd year Arts/Law student from regional Victoria. Whilst I do love law, my passions also include human rights, politics, and the environment. The thing I love most about studying law is the multitude of opportunities it provides- stretching far beyond just the legal arena. In my spare time, I love to spend time with family, run and fail driving tests. You can find me writing mostly under the First Year tab.



Born and raised in China, I attended Trinity College in University of Melbourne before starting my double degree in law and commerce in Monash University. Currently in my third year of studies, I am particularly interested in bridging the Australian and Chinese legal systems. I am dedicated to exploring the cross-cultural experience and promoting the mutual understanding among students from different backgrounds. During my spare time, I enjoy reading books, watching movies and hiking. My favourite directors are Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese.



Hey there guys! Originally from Singapore, I have been in Melbourne for slightly over three years. When I am not struggling to keep up with my readings, drowning in assignments or fulfilling various committee roles, I enjoy hiking, baking and travelling (subject to my bank account). I have always loved helping other people. Nowadays, it is frowned upon to complain about our struggles or to feel negative emotions. We are constantly trying to portray an image that we think people want to see and end up losing ourselves. I hope that this space is able to remind you to prioritise yourself and get through whatever grey cloud you feel is over you. You’ll find me writing under the International Students tab!



Hey everyone! I’m Dian and I’m a 2nd year Commerce/Law student. My motivation to study law stems from being inspired by my uncle’s role as a barrister. From a young age, I saw the effect the law has on people’s lives and wanted to be a part of the legal field ever since. Little did I know, many challenges awaited me. Heading into 1st year, I was overwhelmed with information. Thus, we decided to develop a concise collection of articles that are easy to follow and that target the main issues we came across during our transition into Monash Law. Outside of law, I like to stay active and enjoy being outdoors, but at the same time, nothing beats a good movie with blankets on the couch with friends. You can find me writing mostly under the First Year tab!

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If you’re looking to get connected to extra support services or need extra mental health resources , get in contact with us and we’ll point you to the right direction